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    Auto Save/Cache Feature?


      Is there any chance Photoshop can develop a Auto Save/Cache feature, kind of similar to what Microsoft Word and other programs use?

      If you're not familiar, if the program crashes or closes without saving, upon re-opening the program, it gives you a message to recover the unsaved data.


      I'm tired of constantly getting crashing glitches in my photoshop program that causes me to lose all the work I've done.

      I know the simple solution is to constantly save your work, but when I get into the zone with my work and I start getting on a roll with my artwork, I don't always remember to save.

      I can work for a few hours when I get into my zone, and when the program glitches and crashes, all that data, artwork, inspiration and time is lost forever, and it is very discouraging.


      I think developing an Auto Save/Cache feature would greatly benefit the program and help artists like me greatly.