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    Changing Preferences settings programaticly 8, 9 and X


      How can I set Acrobat preferences for the Topaz signature pad programmatically.


      We are deploying to 500 locations who will have Acrobat Reader 8 to X


      We need to set the defaults to the Topaz pad.

      These screen shots are Acrobat Reader 8


      I know it has something to do with Registry KEY  aprivKey but don't know how to use it.


      topaz one.jpg

      topaz two.jpg




      Data typeatom: String value > REG_SZ
      Since Ver. #7.x
      Lock PathHKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(product name)\(version)\FeatureLockDown\cSecurity\cHandlers
      SummaryUsed by DigSig and PubSec to store the handler that accesses private key functions.
      DetailsFor more information, refer to the Digital Signatures Guide and related documentation in the Content Security Library.
      GUI mappingPreferences > Security > Advanced Preferences > Creation tab > Method to use When Signing and Encrypting Documents

      Thank you