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    Is there a RH standard for formatting code samples?


      In the RH default style sheet, I do not see a pre HTML tag or other tag that will display code samples in a monospaced font.


      I created custom styles for a single line code sample and another style for multiline samples.

      We want our code samples to be shaded. If I shade multiple lines, each line being separated with a paragraph, there is a small amount of

      white space between each line. We do not like this either.


      I then created a custom table style with a single shaded cell. I add my multiline sample code, then I apply the custom paragraph style to get

      the font and spacing between lines that I want.


      Is there a different best practice for this, so that the code sample would be rendered correctly if viewed from other devices that read the HTML and

      may look for the pre HTML tag?


      I am using RoboHelp 9 and I provide the output as Eclipse help. Our help files are integrated into Eclipse help in the Eclipse IDE.


      Thank you.