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    How can I mark large sections of a topic to be skipped during RH spell check?


      I have a RoboHelp Webhelp project in which many of the topics have sample code and other entire lines of package, class, and other names that I want

      the spell checker to bypass.

      Unfortunately, there is no option to select the text and mark it to be ignored.


      When I run spell check, RH flags certain words or phrases and asks me how to handle them, one at a time.

      If I close the spell check dialog, RH bounces right back to the spot where I stopped it during a subsequent spell check.


      This is tedious and I end up with multiple <rhignored? = "text to be ignored".> in a single code sample, for example.


      Is there a better way to mark sections of text to be skipped?


      I see this as basic functionality, and maybe I am missing something I did not find on this forum or in the help files.


      Thanks so much!




      I meant to add that I am using RoboHelp 9 on a PC running Vista.