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    BMD drivers install incorrectly if PPro/CS6 cloud lives on E:\Adobe vs C:\programs\Adobe -5.5 was ok


      Noticed this after CS6 Cloud was installed.   On this same system, I had CS5.5 and the BMD installer found everything on E:\Adobe.  With CS6 Cloud, all of the recent BMD Decklink drivers can't find/install their drivers.  I talked to BMD about this and they said that they don't use the Cloud version to test with.. just the CS6 on the DVD's.  So, there must be something that's different between them that is causing this problem.  So, the only way to get the BMD Decklink to work is to copy the install files manually to where they need to go or uninstall everything and I guess reinstall it all in C:\Programs\Adobe. 


      If you have your Adobe CS6 installed elsewhere here is what you need to do to get the Decklinks working agian:


      Location of BMD plug-in files:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic Desktop Video\Premiere Support\6.0

      This folder contains all the plug-ins needed to manually install Desktop Video into Premiere. There are also two zip files containing the presets, one for Decklink Series and one for Intensity Series. Extract the set appropriate for you. Once extracted you will have two additional folders called Settings and MediaIO

      Copy the plug-in files listed below into the following location:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plugin-ins\CS6\MediaCore (this is the default Install location, if your is different copy these files to your install location).

      BMDPlayer.prm (CS5 & CS5.5 only)


      Copy the plug-in file listed below to the following location:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plugin-ins\CS6\MediaCore

      BMDTransmit.prm (CS6 only) - MUST reside in the above location. It's location will be the same regardless of your install path.

      Copy the Editing Mode file listed below to the following location:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Settings\Editing Modes

      Blackmagic Editing Mode.xml

      Copy the Preset Folders listed below into the following folders:
      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

      MediaIO (copy entire folder)
      Settings (copy entire folder)