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    how can I vertically align text within a text box in photoshop?

    Johnny the boy Level 1

      I am creating a banner for a website.  The banner is say 400 pixels wide by 60 pixels high.  I drag the horizonzontal type tool so that it covers the entire rectangular shape exactly.  I can center the text horizontally by selecting Window-->Paragraph and then selecting the center button.  However I can't seem to center the text vertically in the banner using some Photoshop option.  Once the text is typed then I can move it to what I think is vertically centered but it may not be exact.


      The reason I am looking for exactness is I have to create several banners that are the same dimension but the text within will be different.  Some of the banners will be one line and others will be two lines.  I would prefer to vertically center them exactly.  Is this possible?