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    Problems with PE10/11 Menus? Read this!!

    martinpat1 Level 1

      Had so many problems with Menu backgrounds when burning blu-ray / AVCHD discs.


      (1) Image doesn't fit screen - bars on both sides.


      Had this response:


      Hi Martin,


      This is regarding case no.- 183706274 where you were facing issues with the menu templates. It looks like a bug and same has been reported to the Engineering team. They will try to fix it and most probably it will be fixed in the next coming version as whole complete code has to be recreated to get it fixed. So it will take some time. Very sorry for the inconvenience.


      Best regards,

      DVA team


      (2) Poor quality Scenes Menu and misalignment of button highlights


      Experienced seemingly random behaviour - sometimes image/alignment ok, other times terrible. Spent hours trying to isolate problem...and today, cracked it. The problem is with MOTION MENU buttons.


      If you want decent quality Scenes Menu, DON'T HAVE MOTION MENU buttons. STILL FRAMES cause NO PROBLEMS. Sorted.


      There is clearly a conflict between video and menu images. Cannot believe these things weren't picked up on during testing?!? Have reported my findings to Adobe; let's see if they act upon them.