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    Improving Performance (Expert Advice)

    akrillic Level 1

      Hello Friends,


      I am almost ready to complete my first Adobe Edge Animate website and would appreciate some advice. (link below)



      Specifically, how do I improve the performance of my web site so that it runs as smoothly as possible across all browsers?


      So far i have been conscious of doing the following:


      1. Setting symbols to 'off' when they are no longer being used.

      2. Keeping my image file sizes as low as possible.

      3. Reusing as many assets as possible to reduce file size.


      Can I do anything else over and above the things I have already done?


      I have noticed that on Chrome some stuttering/lag exists (nothing too bad. Sarfari and firefox work well.

      The main issue is on Safari on the Ipad which stutters most noticeably (Ipad 3).


      Ive also noticed that when publishing the file some of my functionality is being removed (i.e anything that is set to 'playReverse') so the site has been uploaded without publishing first.(there was no performance improvement anyway.)



      Advice will be most greatly received



      Thanks in advance



      Link>   http://www.soyouneedagraphicdesigner.com/






      Also worth noting that ive uploaded my Edge file directly to my server. I havent used dreamweaver.