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    Full Screen/Resolution Animation




      I'm pretty good with CSS(3), JavaScript/jQuery, so for me doing full screen animations isn't too much fuss, however it is pretty time consuming...


      On Adobe Edge's twitter, they posted this: http://tympanus.net/Tutorials/CSS3FullscreenSlideshow/index.html

      Tutorial for it: http://tympanus.net/codrops/2012/01/02/fullscreen-background-image-slideshow-with-css3/


      Now, that looks pretty sweet to me, however it doesn't look like something that could be done, or is done, in Edge.


      If I were to try this in code, I'd set a background position to fixed with some location properties, then have an image thats styled with some CSS to display full screen.  For a loop, I'd use jQuery to loop through the images, fade then out and all of that.


      So this got me wondering, is there anyway to do something like this in Edge? I have seen no tutorials on it, only set size canvas'.