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    CS won't open


      I'm on Windows 7, running CS (2003, I thought it was CS3), and I recently installed a Monoprice graphics tablet that I assume was causing issues with my OS and mouse (PC/mouse kept locking up), and ultimately PS would no longer open either... so I uninstalled the tablet, which seems to have fixed the OS/mouse problems (after some more hassle), but PS would still not open. I just uninstalled the PS SW and reinstalled it, but still can't get it to open.


      When I go to open it, it starts to boot up, but then hangs at the same point... the boot screen comes up and toggles through startup to the point of "Reading Text Global Resources...Done." then just hangs.


      Any suggestions?
      Also, I've seen similar threads that generally say to "Ctrl+Alt+Shift" etc to reset things, but when I try that, it doesn't bring up a reset option that I can find...



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          Curt Y Level 7

          You have to start PS and them immediately hold down the 3 keys ctrl alt shift.  Reset screen should appear.  Timing is tricky so you might want to hold down 2 of the keys, start PS and then immediately hold down 3rd.


          Do a web search on this.  There are several old post that indicate you need to delete a file in you appdata folder and let it rebuild.

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            jasinmartin71 Level 1

            Well I think I got the 3 key manuever to finally work (aside from the Adobe PS properties box that's easy to get)... it just brought up a small dialogue box that I think asked about resetting something (can't recall the wording) with just a yes or no option (I believe).
            I chose yes (to reset... something) but it still just hangs at the same point and doesn't open.

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              jasinmartin71 Level 1

              Okay, got the 3 key pop up to open again, it says "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File?" YES or NO


              Then it brings up a dialogue box with "You currently have Adobe Photoshop's primary Scratch and Windows' primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set Adobe Photoshop's primary Scratch volume to be on a different volume, prefereably on a different physical drive."

              To which I can only reply okay.


              Is this the reset screen I'm looking for?
              If so, like I said, I selected yes, to delete the settings file, and I've not restarted, and it still doesn't open.


              Not sure how to set the PS's scratch file or Windows' paging file to a different volume/drive? (or if that could have any affect on this)

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                Curt Y Level 7

                jasinmartin71 wrote:


                Okay, got the 3 key pop up to open again, it says "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File?" YES or NO


                Yes, that is the reset screen.


                As for the other dialog box you can ignore it.  It is just saying that if you have the scratch disk, paging file, and the program all on the same physical disk it may make response times greater.  As you only have one read/write head it can only do one operation at a time.


                It appears that CS is  looking for can not be found.  Could be the tablet driver made some registry change.


                I would open the Event Log (see help in OS) and look for errors and warnings.  Especially look in Applications section.  If there is an error in PS drill down and see if you can find line Faulting Module.  THis is where the problem lies.

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                  jasinmartin71 Level 1

                  Okay, so found the event log, but don't see that it logs an error attributed to PS, just "application hang" error log.

                  And if I look at the "general" info on that it reads:

                  "The program Photoshop.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel."


                  Which I don't think is what you're looking for, but I can't figure out what this "Action Center control panel" is that it's referring to.


                  And "details" from there are as follows:







                  C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Photoshop.exe




                  I'm pretty lost now, lol

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                    Curt Y Level 7

                    When you open the Event Viewer on the left side there is a panel with Custom Views, Window Logs, Application and Service Logs


                    You want to look at any with errors, but the one you are looking for should be in Application.


                    This does not mean there is a log, depends on if it crashes, or just hangs and what the OS thinks of it.

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                      Curt Y Level 7

                      Look at post #10 of this thread for an example of what you are looking for. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4794820?tstart=0#4794820

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                        jasinmartin71 Level 1

                        Yeah, that's definitely where I'm looking, but there aren't any application errors or crashes tied to PS... just the hangs and info I posted.