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    Script not finding hyperlink source


      Extract to epub fails on hyperlinks and I have a problem trying to find and get rid of them. The hyperlinks only show up in story editor. I made a two page test ID file to narrow the problem. It has one of the problem hyperlinks and I can't find it with a script. I'm using a script mentioned in another hyperlink post http://forums.adobe.com/message/4629362#4629362

      The script is:

      objHyperLinks = app.activeDocument.hyperlinks;

      for (i=0; i<objHyperLinks.length; i++)

                if (objHyperLinks[i].source instanceof HyperlinkPageItemSource)

                          alert (objHyperLinks[i].source.sourcePageItem.id);

                  alert('Hello World');


      I have the ID source, the script source, and an image of the entire story in story editor out in Dropbox at:


      I'm on win xp, id 5.5

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm brand new to indesign scripts so still working on getting to square one.