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    "Not connected to the Internet" - YES I AM!

    ejwn Level 1

      Hi, I'm not as angry as those capital letters would imply. This isn't a critical issue, just annoying.


      None of the products in the eLearning Suite seem to be able to deal with an authenticated proxy environment. Even though I've been prompted for credentials, many of the Internet-dependent functions fail to work. Two examples:


      1. Adobe Presenter 8.01 > Help ... "Not connected to the Internet. Check your internet connection and then try to access the help."
      2. Adobe Captivate 6.01 > Help ... Program seizes up for a minute or so while it desperately tries to connect, then ... nothing. No error message. No help.


      Thankfully, Help > Updates... and Adobe Application Manager have no problem downloading and installing updates. No other program on this machine has any problem prompting for credentials and accessing the Internet.


      Any ideas?