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    command line compile - NullPointer - new one

      please note, this is a different problem than this NullPointerException post

      since beta3 and including AIR 1, i have been unable to command-line compile. i have java runtime 1.6.0_03 installed, i have verified my system paths are correct. i can also get a 'correct' error when i intentionally mess things up. however whne i think i have everything correct, i get this:

      at com.adobe.ucf.CodeSigner.setPrivateKey(CodeSigner.java:95)
      at com.adobe.ucf.UCFOutputStream.setPrivateKey(UCFOutputStream.java:149)
      at com.adobe.ucf.Packager.setPrivateKey(Packager.java:79)
      at com.adobe.ucf.UCF.parseSigningOptions(UCF.java:206)
      at com.adobe.air.ADT.parsePackageOrPrepare(ADT.java:149)
      at com.adobe.air.ADT.parsePackage(ADT.java:120)
      at com.adobe.air.ADT.run(ADT.java:81)
      at com.adobe.air.ADT.main(ADT.java:26)

      just for giggles, i installed the adt.jar patch from that other post. that's why the error is on line 95. without that patched version, it's on line 94.

      any help would be appreciated, as this has been really holding us up since we need on-demand compilation by the server, and thus functioning command-line compilation.