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    Recordings that include drop-down boxes

      I am recording in the “Training Simulation” mode. The screen I’m recording includes drop-down boxes. After publishing the project, the project does not allow the user to scroll though the drop-down list. It will automatically fill in the correct answer choice by pressing Enter.

      I need the user to be able to scroll though the list of drop-down options. Any suggestions?
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          Hi Jillbr and welcome to our community

          Captivate doesn't offer anything like that. You would need some sort of a custom Flash widget that might allow it.

          You should probably put this suggestion as a feature request to the development team. You may do so by clicking here and completing the form.

          Sorry... Rick
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            Hi there!

            I've faked drop-down menus with rollover captions. As you move up and down the menu, the rollovers show each menu item highlighted as you mouse over it. There's a clickbox over the correct choice, of course.

            As for your clickbox, you can turn off the "enter" shortcut in the clickbox properties. (It's in the main clickbox preferences, under "set shortcut key".)

            I hope this is useful! It starts going a lot faster when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. :^)