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    Audio Sync Issue on Export




      I have an issue with an export that I am attempting to do.  I have used 50 still photos (psd) and created a slide show in after effects.  It is working well.  I attempted to create 4 comps made from standard dv footage.  720 x 480 from video cameras in the 1990s.  I need to export out eventually to 1920 x 1080 for showing on our TV channel.  It would be a .m2t format.  When i attempted to do a test export, everything worked fine....the photo comps were good, the only problems were the video clips that had video/audio sync issues.


      I am not sure what the problem is exactly.  I feel my workflow is not right and that is leading to this issue.


      I created the 50 slide comps in AE

      I then used the hour long DV clips in PrPRO to make sub clips (about 30 seconds each, total of 8)

      I rendered these out to then import into AE

      imported into AE and made comps out of them

      then render out a test file that would be my finalproject in mpeg format.


      I would like to not render the video a second time and would like, basically to take my AE photo comps straight to prmiere pro to insert the DV footage but don't know how exactly to do that.


      Is there something that you can recommend.