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    AE CS6 project crashing/locking up upon loading - same % each time


      Hi everyone,

      Having some problems with CS6 on Windows 7.

      I created a project on my desktop which is powerful and up to such a basic project. Returning to the project later I found it would no longer open. It would load some assets into the project list, and go to about 5%, then the screen and windows would white out and not respond.

      I tried importing etc but could not get it to open.

      Oddly, it will open on an off the shelf laptop no problem. I even tried reducing the project, collecting files and opening on the original desktop, and still no luck.

      Any idea what would cause this? It is doing the same with an earlier version of the same project..

      Originally there was a warning that would come up during startup which I struggle to remember, something about GL settings, and with the option to warn upon startup once per session etc.. I remember turning this off before the problem started occurring.. could that have caused the issue?

      Thanks heaps in advance!