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    Centering an animated symbol

    Paul_C_B Level 1

      I have read just about everything I can find on the subject of centering a symbol on a fluid layout and can find no solution that works for me.


      will show you where I am at. The floating symbol which contains some 17 animated images and is 2445px wide needs to sit in the center under the banner.

      I have used this code :


      // center symbol horizontally


         width : '2445px',

         margin : '0 auto',

         position: 'relative'



      recommended on an earlier post and it just doesnt do it.


      any suggestions would be seriously helpful.

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          aren't you trying to line the finished position of the animated blocks with your header graphic?


          try using a value of 960px for your css code - that's the width of your header

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            Paul_C_B Level 1

            Hi Salesdigital, Well see I have several pages which need to work this way. The animation ( this is a rough version of it)  starts from beyond a basic 960px width ( = to header) and slides into its position.

            All this is done within the symbol. The symbol is 2445px wide at its start.

            The positions they rest at is of course pre determined by the animation but yes its intended to line up with the header.  It seems like it should be a simple thing to do but I cannot seem to get it to center and no using 960px didnt work.

            I have little hair left to tear out so any help would be appreciated



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              salesdigital Level 1

              hi paul,


              i made this sample after reading the centering post/thread you did.  http://salesdigital.com/slides/ 


              blue bar is being centered by the css code. clicking the top right square animates a pic in to line up with the blue box. - left top square takes it off the screen.


              seems to be similar to what you're trying to do -


              is your header graphic in the same symbol as the animation?  if you want to post your files, i can take a look.




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                Paul_C_B Level 1

                You know what, just a few moments ago I did the same as you. Simplified

                it ala KISS

                Made a simple symbol and slowly complicated it once it was centered. I

                have no idea what was causing it to refuse to center but now, it does.

                What I did notice was that there seems to be something squirrely about

                the way symbols are named. For example in my library, a symbol is named

                Symbol_2 but, in the time line its called Symbol_22. There seems to be a

                hidden protocol that names symbols what the hell it likes I think I

                must now always keep an eye on what the symbol is called within the

                timeline and not refer to the symbol library. Probably an instance issue..

                I really appreciate your taking the time to reply. As soon as I get this

                page up in a close to finished test format Ill post again

                once again, many thanks.


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                  Paul_C_B Level 1

                  OK got something running fine although I need to re-time the block animation, its all functioning

                  Next its button states and etc.


                  transition from Flash isnt so bad if ya keep your wits about you