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    why some fonts can't be embedded in the conversion result?


      We installed the Livecycle ES , ES2 ,ES2.5 and ES3  ( PDF Generator ) in different OS, when  converting  the MS Word document , some fonts can't be embedded in the PDF.


      of cause we have set the configuration to embed these fonts to the conversion result ,but it's not valid ,

      we saved the standard "Adobe PDF Settings " as another pdf setting , in this setting , we choosed the embed all fonts , and select the fonts we want to embed in the conversion result from the left frame into the right ( which means always embed ),when convert the word document , we just choose this adobe pdf setting  in LiveCycle ES2, ES2.5, ES3 , all of them are failed the embed the font (KaiTi , a Simply Chinese font ), but with LiveCycle ES , it's all right just with "Standard" Adobe PDF Setting .

      We have copied the font into the Windows System ,Generally , C:\Windows\Fonts , and installed the font .


      because the customer must use this font in there document's , how can I  solve this problem  ?

      any  help ?