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    The most versatile video stocks?

    Kalle Ståhlberg Level 1



      Searching for video stocks with extensive data options?

      I have gone through a number of good options, but havent find any great site just focused on the video materials.


      Thanks advanced for your response.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not exactly sure what you mean. If you're hoping to find any library that uses metadata for keywords and all that as extensively as is common for photos or other static artwork, then you might as well give up now. Most video formats simply do not support any of that and users usually don't care much for adding meaningful descriptions on sites like Pond5, iStockphoto or VideoHive. It may be a waste of time, but for the most part you'll simply have to rely on your eyeballs and instinct to try different combinations of keywords to find the right items on such sites.



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            Kalle Ståhlberg Level 1

            Thanks for reply again!


            I have used Istockphoto, shutterstock ect for certain still images for a quite a while.

            (Thanks, these few sites you mentioned helps a bit for sure!)

            Now when seriously looking after a video footage,

            i tought there got to be similar sites only concentrated for videos.

            (I found this quite cool site for ready big pictures: http://www.mammothhd.com/MHD_RED1.html)

            To sum up: these kind of sites i am looking after.

            Wouldn´t it be good business idea to establish a site focused only video footage?

            Yeah, that´s how i found those previously mentioned sites also, but as allways, have to keep up looking!:)