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    Export file size problem


      I have a .png image which is currently, and needs to remain on a transparent background.


      The canvas size is 1947 x 926 pixels and its resolution is 300 pixels/inch.


      The math will tell you that the physical size of this image is roughly 6.5 inches x 3.1 inches (which is the final size I need the image to be once it gets inserted into a Microsoft Word document).


      The file size is 1.80 MB.


      Is there a way to reduce the file size, without sacrificing image quality once the final Word document gets printed? 


      What format should I export the image as, keeping in mind that the background must remain transparent?


      The .png image currently has around 50 layers.  Do I gain anything by flattening the layers or something similar?


      Thank you for any advice you can offer.



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          groove25 Level 4

          Go to File > Image Preview, and choose the PNG32 format. This is a good all-around format that supports transparency and non-lossy compression. In the upper-left corner of the preview window, you'll see the output size; it should be a lot less than your current file size. From here, you can click "OK" to save the settings or you can Export.


          Image Preview.png


          For an even smaller file size, you could try PNG8 with Alpha Transparency, but this format allows only 256 colors (like the GIF format), which makes it a good choice only for flat graphics (i.e., text and vector-based artwork), not for bitmaps or gradients.


          As far your original Fireworks PNG file, you could likely reduce its size by flattening layers—particularly bitmaps. But then you'll sacrifice editability. And it won't impact the output size when exporting the file. So I'd probably leave it as is.