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    How to tell Encore that an orphan timeline is NOT and orphan?


      Hi, I am pretty much getting the hang of Encore but came across a problem I can not find the answer to.  I have an encore project which has three timelines.  Each timeline has several chapters.  I need to link the individual chapters to buttons on the DVD menu so I made chapter playlists from the timelines.  In the DVD menus I link all my buttons up to the chapter playlists so they will play the chapters I want them to play.  As such the timelines themselves do not get linked to any button on the Menu, they also have no end action since the end actions occur on the chapter playlists.


      When I check project, Encore tells me that my timelines are orphans and that they have no end action set.


      Firstly they are not orphans, since they are used in the chapter playlists so I can't delete them, secondly the timelines don't need end actions since it is the chapter playlists that are played.


      Can anyone tell me how to deal with this situation correctly?


      I am using Encore CS5.1


      Many thanks,