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    Rare bug reproducible only with Flash 11.3 (Adobe, can you help?)


      We have a Flex application that is experiencing a rare issue (happens about once every 5,000 uses of the application) where the application appears to get "stuck" playing audio/movie clip when the audio begins.When running the application through the debugger, I can see that the Event.ENTER_FRAME for a movieclip is dispatched until the clip gets to the audio portion and then nothing happens.Once in a while I get hear the audio stutter just when it's about to begin playing.


      What's really odd about this bug is that even though I've seen it happen under Flash 11.4, I can only reproduce it under the following conditions:


      - When using Flash 11.3.300.262.

      - When remoted into the machine using Remote Desktop Connection (that's right).


      When I do that, the audio from other Flash applications doesn't work either. If I keep the browser open and log back into the machine, the issue persists until I've restarted the browser. Our users who are experiencing the issue are not remoted in and use 11.4, however, I can't reproduce the issue when using Flash 11.4 or without remoting it.


      Can someone from Adobe help me understand what exactly happens under these conditions to prevent the audio from playing correctly?