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    Unable to connect to flash debugger

      I just installed Flex 3, and I am unable to connect to the flash debugger using firefox or IE on vista x64. This worked with all the betas. Anyone have this problem?
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          Starlover_jacob Level 1
          my debugger (flex 3 at winXP) chokes every now and then..
          a restart of flex builder helps for me..

          sometimes when starting the debug of an application it takes a lot of time..
          restarting and try again helps.

          it is irritating.. i know.

          I just wanted to let know that i have this behaviors .
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            AJ212 Level 1
            This worked flawlessly before, now I see slow delays on starting the browser as well as unable to connect each time. I disabled firewall and still nothing. I am on Vista x64.

            Now I have another dev pc at home with Vista x64 and that works fine. Any ideas? I have uninstalled, both the adobe debug players, as well as Flex 3. It used to work fine with Flex beta 3. I need to find my download of beta 3. To roll back till there is a fix for this.