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    Help! Reframing clips in a multicam question

    Allynn Wilkinson Level 3

      I think I'm missing something pretty basic here so please forgive my silly question.  And yes, I have looked around at some tutorials.  I can't find anything that addresses this scenario.


      I have a 20 minute, 3 camera multicam all edited and ready for some fine tuning.  In particular, I need to reframe (digitally zoom) on, well... *most* of the clips.  This will look fine since it was shot in HD and the output is SD for the web.  In fact, we planned it that way.


      My problem is that when I click on a clip to load it into the Source monitor, it opens the multicam nest (ok... expected).  I can't seem to right click on a clip to open it in the the Source monitor and get at its effects controls.  I tried disabling the multicam.  Is that the same as "collapsing" a multicam in FCP?  Still no luck opening a clip to re-frame it.


      I suppose I could go into the nest and do it that way with keyframes but, since the nest is the full 60 minute shoot it would be more than a little tedious.  How am I supposed to do this?