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    Localhost issue with Adobe Edge Inspect on iPhone


      I'm synching up multiple devices to use Adobe Edge Inspect.

      I downloaded and installed:

      • Chrome extension.
      • Adobe Edge Inspect on Android (on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet)
      • Adobe Edge Inspect on iPhone 4


      I am using a Windows 64bit OS.


      When I inspect online websites, both the tablet and iPhone synch.


      I have a local instance of Tomcat.

      I have a very simple index.html (Hello World in it).

      When I use in my chrome browser localhost:8080 my Android tablet is synched

      The iPhone does not synch, and I get a request timeout.


      I also attempted using the IP Address instead of localhost with the same result.


      The iPhone is synching with sites that I access that are hosted on the web.


      How can I get it to synch using Tomcat so that I can use my localhost instance?