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    Changing the User Dictionary

    AdamXT Level 1
      Our department has just upgraded from RoboHelp 5 to Robohelp HTML 7.01.001 (as part of the Technical Communication Suite), and I'm trying to find a way to bring my old version 5 user dictionary into RoboHelp 7.

      There doesn't seem to be any way to select a user dictionary in version 7, the online help doesn't provide any instructions, and I can't find any obvious dictionary files in either my Program Files or Documents and Settings folders.

      Please, oh please, tell me I don't have to recreate the dictionary for version 7!
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi AdamXT. I haven't got RH7 here but is there not a Spelling Options menu item off the Tools menu? There is a Dictionaries tab that you can use to maintain your dictionaries.
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            AdamXT2 Level 1
            That tab does exist in RoboHelp 5, but not in RoboHelp 7...the Spelling Options dialog is still there but the Dictionaries tab is gone.

            I know that RoboHelp 5 stored my personal dictionary in a file called Personal Dictionary.tlx, within an eHelp folder. RoboHelp 7 does not appear to have this folder or any similar file.

            It almost looks like the ability to juggle personal dictionaries has been deliberately removed.
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              AdamXT2 Level 1
              I think I've found where RoboHelp 7 stores its personal dictionary...in a file called "added.clam".

              I have a sneaking suspicion that they've upgraded their dictionary system to support unicode, so it isn't possible to just swap the .clam file for the old .tlx file.

              In the RoboHelp 7 Spelling Options dialog there is a User Dictionary "Modify" option which allows you to add and remove personal dictionary entries...one at a time.

              If RoboHelp 7 doesn't provide an easier way for doing this then I'm shocked. But then, quite a few things about RoboHelp 7 leave me in a state of apalled shock. :)

              I hope somebody out there has found a better way to move a dictionary between 5 and 7!
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                where exactly (in which folder) did you find "added.clam" for RoboHelp 7 HTML?

                I cannot find it anywhere...
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                  I'm in a similar boat. Is there a solution?