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    Illustrator How to relink images using the .replace() string method?


      I have a script using the dynamic content plugin from illustrator which takes and XML file and replaces it with a new one. All linked text/symbol/image links have their paths updated or text content updated.


      The problem I have is I have background images which are not dynamic so I need to relink these based on their file path.


      We have two shares, an OPI & an FPO, because of the size of backgrounf images we keep the FPO links in whilst artworking.


      What I'd like to do is relink all images if they contain FPO in their file path, I'm in CS5.1. I had a look and found CS6 has a .relink method but obviosuly this is no use to me in CS5.1


      Any ideas or starting points?