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    How to stop transition in between

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      im using the transitionManager.start() function to make the pixel dissolve transition.

      My Requirement :- i want to stop the transition in between and goto the next frame .....

      What i Did :- i have created dummy movie clip with alpha 0.....when transition begins im making the visible true of the dummy. when onRealese im getting from the clip then im going next frame.

      Problem Im facing :- when i click on the dummy movie clip ,when the transition is running then it goes the next frame. when i come back again to the first frame and click on the transition button then the transition is not 100%.....it finishes the transition early....... sometimes it does only 20% transition and goes to the next frame.
      when it completes 100% transition with out clicking th dummy ..when i again come back then it completes 100%

      thats why i want to stop the transition first and then i want go to the next frame.