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    I can't associate JPG files with Photoshop CS 6 anymore

    CyndiJ Level 1

      Everything was working fine. I've had Photoshop forever. Acrobat was having a probem and your support center helped me out. I had to download the software again and reinstall Acrobat to get it to work. Photoshop works fine, however, when I download a photo that someone sends me and try to open, I get an error message.




      If I open Photoshop, the image opens just as usual, no problems.


      When I go to the control panel and try to associate JPG with Photoshop CS 6, I can't. I find it, I try, but I still get the same choices and none of them are Photoshop. I've clicked browse. I've found Photoshop.exe. I've clicked "open" and nothing happens. It doesn't go into the recommended programs.




      TIFF is fine. PSD works. It's only JPG.




      What should I do?

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Have you uninstalled a previous version?  THat has been know to foul up file associations.


          First I would try to reset prefernces.  Start PS and immediately hold down shift alt ctrl keys.  Should get a reset window.

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            CyndiJ Level 1

            I tried this solution and it didn't work.


            I did uninstall all the previous versions of Photoshop at the direction of Adobe support when they were trying to assist me with getting Acrobat up and running. They told me that there was a problem with prior versions of Adobe software causing conflicts with it and that they needed to be uninstalled. I did and Acrobat works.


            It is beyond belief that a company as big as Adobe, selling software as expensive as their suites has these problems.


            I'm speechless.


            Once more I'm off to talk to support which will take who knows how much time.


            I have Photoshop 3 and Macromedia products. I've been with them a long time. Maybe I have to learn to spell "Corel."


            Color me frustrated. :-(


            I live near their corporate headquarters. A sit-in?

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              Curt Y Level 7

              Customer support may or may not be able to help, and I can not say for sure the uninstalled the pervious version is the problem.  Through my efforts Adobe now recognizes the problem exists, but has not be able to figure out the cause.  THis happens to only a small number of users that uninstall a previous version.


              If you are a little savy with computers you can look at the soltution offered below by one user.  It seems to work well for a number of users.  If you go into the registry and look at the file you will be able to see if it is fouled up.  If this is indeed the problem you can make the registry change.  THe other option is to uninstall CS6, run Adobe Script Cleaner, and reinstall CS6.


              Hope this helps solve the problem.




              "I installed Photoshop CS6, then found CS5 was still there. I thought, hey, I don't need CS5 anymore, so I uninstalled CS5. then I found out that Photoshop was no longer available in 'Open with' when right-clicking an image...


              So I went into the Registry, HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Photoshop.exe\shell\open\command, and changed the (Default) from "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe" "%1" to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)\Photoshop.exe" "%1" (so changed CS5 to CS6) - and now I see 'Adobe Photoshop CS6' in my 'Open with' list when right-clicking an image..."

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                Beebs2 Level 1

                Oh my gosh! Thanks so much! The Registry fix solved the problem! Awesome

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                  CyndiJ Level 1

                  The odd thing is that I installed Windows 8 on my system and in order to get the Media Pack to install, I had to install the operating system twice. The second time I installed it, it wiped out my programs. Don't even ask...


                  The upside to that is that reinstalling the Adobe suites with no bits hanging around seems to have solved all the problems.


                  I would not choose to do a clean install but when forced to do one at least this problem went away.


                  I don't know which company gets my vote for worst.


                  Having said that, I love Windows 8. I know I'm among a minority here and when Adobe runs as advertised, I can hear birds singing.