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    Edge Code and Dreamweaver

    wesleybrownuk Level 1

      So like everyone else im really excited about Edge in general, and Edge code looks like its shaping up into something special.


      Dreamweaver has been part of my work flow for.. ever....


      Is there any plans to intergrate the Adobe Code technology into the code view of Dreamweaver, I understand the complications of that, but that just seems the sensible thing to do, or is the aim for Edge Code to replace Dreamweavers code tools??

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          adrock Adobe Employee

          We don't have any plans to replace Dreamweaver with Edge Code.


          While there is some overlap in functionality (like the ability to edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript) we think that there is room for both Edge Code and Dreamweaver. With Edge Code we are building a lightweight code editor that is meant to work in conjunction with an array of smaller, more focused tools and services. Dreamwever, on the other hand, is an incredibly complex and deep tool that by iteself solves a a number of web development and design problems.


          A good example is site management and server-side programming. Edge Code is inteded to be used in conjuction with FTP or other deployment tools, where Dreamweaver as everything built in. Dreamweaver also supports server-side development for languages like PHP, ColdFusion, etc. where Edge Code is 100% focused on client-side development.


          The beauty of the Creative Cloud membership, is that you don't have to pick one or the other. You can get them both for the same price. So rather than port features from one tool to the other, we're going to focus on how the tools might work together.

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            You wish to say that Adobe won't provide extensions for server-side development and site management, but of course developers could create that extensions?

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              cfjedimaster Level 3

              Sure. You are free to make any extension you want.



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                When you say that they can work together, do you have any tips for how one might do this? For example the company I work for uses Dreamweaver to check out files, how would you suggest I use dreamweaver in tandem with Edge code to get the best result. I've really come to love Edge code and the tools it comes with, but I'm not sure if I can use it without being able to use the check out feature.