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    InDesign Help | Buttons

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/interactivity-5.html

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          Garland356 Level 1

          Running into an interesting problem. Could just be the glitchyness of the software as it seems is the case. I'm creating a pdf from InDesign that has different buttons the display different things. It's a single page pdf with 7 maps. Each map is different hence the buttons to display each. My problem comes when converting to pdf. The pdf in some cases displayed wrong and I manage to fix that but I can't seem to figure out how to keep something that's not a button to display. As in the states on names on the map disappear but it's only on the ones covering a button.


          Also some of the buttons that are set to not print end up printing.


          Has anyone else run into this kind of issue? anyone know a fix or workaround?



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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You haven't given us nearly enough information for us to help you.


            What version of InDesign did you use? Have you upgraded to the latest update? (For example, if you're using InDesign CS6, you need the 8.0.1 update to fix bugs regarding buttons).


            What kind of button actions are you creating? It would help us a lot if you show a picture (create a screen shot and use the camera icon to attach it to your reply). Did you choose to export as Export > Adobe > PDF (Interactive)? What reader are you using (some PDF readers like Apple Preview display interactivity incorrectly)?


            Alternatively, you could post a copy of the ID file for us to download and post a link.

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              Garland356 Level 1

              Well, I'm using CS6 and everything is updated.


              Here is immedeatly after exporting (yes, interactive)

              Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 2.50.21 PM.png

              Now, I tried moving the states to another layer thinking somehow it was messing up the exporting. Basically what you're looking at is a map with different varations. The 7 blacked out bars are the buttons that do everything. Everything else is just a button that is either visible or not. So for instance you click the first black bar as show here:

              Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 2.50.31 PM copy.png

              the map will display a different map. Now the way I did this was I created the map in Illustrator and imported the native .ai file. There are 7 different maps (I didn't make the indiidual state the button, it's the whole map) imported and placed one on top of the other (which I believe is the problem). It's suppose to function where you click a product (the seven bars blacked out) and the map shows for that product then the name at the top changes and the description changes. Everything works properlly. The functions of the bottons are really simple. It's just a show/hide. So, in this case I click the first one it shows the map, text and heading for that one and everything else is hidden (ie the map, text and heading for all the others).


              I initially had a button on the back that was just a big white button so that you could clear everything by clicking off of anything, but that removed everything but a map and all it would do is scroll between 2 of the 7 maps with no words or anything displayed. That idea was then scrapped.


              But my biggest problem is the names of the states. As you can see they appear when they are not located on a button. So given the whole white thing and the fact that those show when not over a button leads me to think it's just a bug. I was hoping someone would have seen this and know a work around, maybe they've run into before.

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                Garland356 Level 1

                I forgot to mention the printing problem. The check mark that appears next to the name of the product is set not to print but whatever one is checked prints off. The name and box disappear like they should but the check doesn't. Again, seems like a bug, but perhaps there is a solution.



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                  I've encountered a strange issue and if anyone can shed any light on it I would be absolutely thrilled.


                  I'm creating a form with roll-over definitions of the various terms in the form:



                  As the cursor rolls over the Rush button on the left, the definition pops up.


                  However, there is another button behind the pop-up Rush definition that (when exported to pdf) appears on top of the Rush definition box:

                  /Users/twilliams/Desktop/Rush 2.png


                  No matter how I reorder my layers I cannot get the Rush definition to pop-up on top of the objects/buttons behind it. Is this something I can fix in InDesign or does it need to be dealt with in Acrobat once exported? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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                    twilliams8 Level 1

                    Sorry- not sure how to include the screen shots in the message...

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      You can embed screen captures (or any other image) in forum posts by visitng the forum wb page and clicking on the camera icon, like this:


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                        Hi there,


                        I am creating a pdf document in indesign which has buttons that change colour when you click on them. They turn white when the answer is correct and red if the answer is wrong.


                        I followed the instructions above "change button appearance for rollover and clicking" and have exported the document. The buttons change colour when clicked on but change back to the normal state once your mouse moves off it. I would like for the colour change to stay triggered once clicked.


                        Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong as I create it or is this how indesign works? I am using Indesign CS5. Is this even the best technique to use to get the result I am after.


                        Any advice much appreciated - I have tried this about every way I can think of and still not getting anywhere!


                        Thank you so much.


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                          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                          @ GeorgiaMW,


                          In place of the changing the "Buttons" appreance I would suggest you to create 2 buttons, and assign the Action "Show/hide buttons" on click for one primary button.


                          Have the buttons overlapped on one over the other and then assign the actions, when you click on the buttons, the normal view buttons will hide and other button will display based on the answer.




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                            Garland356 Level 1

                            I have done work with buttons and needed to overlap buttons in a document. I've seen that exporting from InDesign with overlapping buttons (espesially if there are a lot of buttons) will cause major problems. In fact it was the issue i was having above. I use CS6 and I know they made some changes to buttons scince CS5 but the only thing I could say is that the rollover is causing to show the rollover appearance but you also must assign seperate for the click on appearance. I have done what you're trying to do Georgia but InDesign isn't the best for creating interactive pdfs and I've seen lots of bugs. LiveCycle works better but is probably far more than you need for what you're trying to do. To get around the bugs after I export I would fix the bugs in the pdf itself.

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                              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I think PDF forms (AcroForms, not LiveCycle Forms) are not design for overlapping buttons. It's not really InDesign, which is just calling out the AcroForms capabilities. This probably built into the capabilities/limitations of what is now the PDF standard, now controlled by an ISO committee.


                              My impression is that LiveCycle forms are being denigrated by the Acrobat team. I don't believe that LiveCycle Designer is distributed by default with Acrobat XI Pro for Windows. All the new promotional materials are designed for AcroForms or FormsCentral. (And of course, I've discouraged people from using it if they want to have a cross-platform since LifeCycle Designer never was and never will be available for Macintosh users.)