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    TIP: Use Multi-Camera Editing for Non-Multicam Purposes


      So, I was headed over here to ask a question, and while composing this question, it dawned on me how I could do what I was trying to do. I'm posting this here in case anyone has any other ideas and hopefully, some of you will find this useful.


      Frist, let me explain my setup. I have a sequence called All Footage. It has four video tracks and all of the items are in sync to one another. They are not "cameras". There is one camera of footage and then still images mostly. On another sequence called Master, I have All Footage nested inside, but with a lot of dead air time removed. Nothing crazy here.


      Now, what I was trying to do originally was create a new sequence called PBP (Picture By Picture) and show track 1 from All Footage next to track 4 from All Footage. The problem? I wanted this to happen from Master, which had all of the dead time already cut out. If I do a copy paste job from All Footage, I have to cut out this time again.


      Originally, I made a copy of All Footage and renamed it to Track 4 Only and turned off tracks 1-3 here. Then I thought I could copy track 1 in Master to track 2 so they were identical, and then replace footage by dragging Track 4 Only over each clip while holding ALT. It replaces the footage, but which each replacement, the clip started at the beginning of Track 4 Only, NOT the same IN/OUT points as the original clip from All Footage.




      I realized.. instead of replacing footage, I just right clicked on each clip in track 2 in Master that I had made (which was a copy of track 1), and enabled Multi-Cam. Then, I could just set each to Camera 4 (which is track 4). DONE. All that was left was to group these, nest them, and then rearrange the nested sequence so they were indeed picture by picture. What was even cooler about this is that in All Footage, if I leave track 4 OFF, it still shows up when I use it in Multi-Cam. So track 1 in Master still track 1 ONLY in All Footage, and track 2 only shows track 4. The track 1 doesn't get covered up by track 4 because it is turned off, but it is still available via MC.


      I suppose the tip here is to remember that Multi-Cam is available to you. The most basic way I can explained how I used it is a video/track switcher. The great thing about this is that if you have everything in time one one sequence, it will remain that way every time you use the origin sequence, but just switch "cameras".


      Now, if anyone knows how I could have replaced the footage while keeping the same IN/OUT times as the clip being replaced, I'm all ears. I tried Match Frame from Source Monitor, and it also did not work.