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    Transferred books locked out


      My wife and I each have a pc and an ereader (Beebook and Kobo respectively).  We each run ADE and our ereaders are authorized with our ADE.  I have managed to work out how to get a copy of one of my wife's purchased books when I need one.  So far so good.  But now, after buying a Kobo book, I find that all my previous transfers from my wife cannot be accessed.  The error message is "The content you are trying to view is locked. Please use your Adobe ID to authorize your ereader with the Kobo deskto application or Adobe DE"  How can this be done?   Kobo insist that this is an ADE issue.   If I unauthorize my ADE and reauthorize as my wife, then linking my reader, the reverse happens, i.e. I can access my books sourced from my wife, but cannot access my direct purchases.   Note that we are using ADE vers.1.7 as the new version 2.0 keeps failing and simply will not function.   Please help/advise.