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    Why is Premiere CS6 remembering past cuts?

    sc0073r Level 1

      Is this a bug?


      So throughout my video, I've been cutting, rethinking cuts. Yet, I'm having problems with CS6 remembering old cuts and I can't understand why because they aren't in the timeline.


      Example: I cut apart a video. I decided I might want to make different cuts to the video. Redrag video in time line. cut off end. Render clip. In the middle of the clip, there is a big black 3 frame nothing that is not in the original video.


      Example: Cut off a few frames of the beginning of a video. Drag another video starting the same time in video 2. Video one shows through for 2 frames despite video 2 being on top (I checked down to the frame. Even worse, the original video is being displayed for those 2 frames instead of the video I cut in Track 1.


      It's almost like premiere is trying to remember something for some stupid reason. These ghost cuts are killing me. It's happened all throughout my video, usually 2 frames at the begninng of a clip but not limited to, like in example 1.


      Anyone else see this problem?