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    Convert Firework layers to individual powerpoint graphics




      Is there a quick way to convert a fireworks png document that has multiple layers into individual graphic files in powerpoint?


      I'm looking to make the powerpoint interactive by linking each graphic with a separate slide when you click on the graphic.



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          groove25 Level 4

          Interesting idea. I'm not very familiar with PowerPoint but I suspect it's like Word in that it mixes vector-based type with bitmap graphics, whereas Fireworks' output is purely bitmap (unless you're converting to HTML output). Therefore, any text elements might appear more smoothly rendered if created directly within PowerPoint rather than Fireworks. (This is just a guess.)


          Fireworks' output options are available under File > Export and File > Save As. This is what you have to choose from:


          Export options.pngSave As options.png


          Based on your description, it sounds like "Layers to Files" (in the Export command menu) may be the best option. Before you export, you might want to select an appropriate image file format using the File > Image Preview command. PNG32 is a good all-purpose choice. (Click "OK" to save your settings without actually exporting.)

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            pyng01 Level 1

            Thanks for your help!


            I tried the export layers to files but it comes out to be a flattened document.  The graphics still aren't in individual layers.  It seems like in theory, it should work though....


            Also tried the "save as" options and haven't gotten any of them to work either.  Seems like all the non-adobe formats flatten the document as well.

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              groove25 Level 4

              Yes, that's true; most of the output formats are flattened.


              Something I should clarify: In Fireworks, folders are called "layers", while individual elements are called "objects". This is a bit different from Photoshop (and possibly other applications) where each element is referred to as a "layer". Therefore, the "Layers to Files" option in Fireworks will export each layer/folder as a separate flattened bitmap.


              If you have, say, 10 objects inside a single layer/folder and want to export each object independently, you need to either a) place each object in its own folder and then choose File > Export and "Layers to Files", or b) turn on the visibility of each object one at a time, choosing File > Image Preview or File > Export every time.


              Make sense?


              You might also look at PowerPoint's menus or documentation to see what kind of file formats it can import. There might be options there.