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    Create a swatch set and color only one logo


      How do I create the swatch set and I can't get the logo layers colored in??????


      Choose the Magic Wand tool , making sure "contiguous" is checked in the Options bar. Select the rectangle under "Monochromatic (Single Hue)". Press Alt+Backspace (Windows) or Option+Delete (Mac OS) to fill the selection with the foreground color.Â

      Open the Color Picker and select two values of your base color. Apply your color selections to the "Values" swatches.

      Next, select two intensities, and apply to the "Intensities" swatches.

      Now that you've got your color palette, combine the colors into a swatch set. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to draw stripes and fill with the colors you've selected above. This is a space to experiment with how the colors look next to each other.

      Ready for the fun part? Make a selection around the client logo using the Rectangular Marquee tool.

      The logo has been separated into layers to make color application easy. First, apply color to the "bg" layer. Sample a color swatch using the Eyedropper tool , then press Alt/Option-Backspace to fill with color.

      Keeping the selection active, click the "top curves" layer. Sample a color with the Eyedropper tool, then press Alt/Option-Backspace.

      Move on to the "middle curves" layer. Select a color, and fill.

      Next up, "bottom curves":