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    CS6 6.0.1 Scrubbing/playback glitches




      I've got some in-app playback issues that appear to stem from software decoding/codec issues. I've got 6 matching workstations, all brand new HP Z820's with dual Xeon 2.0 ghz, 24 gb RAM, Nvidia 4000 graphics card (with CUDA support), and Decklink Extreme 3D output cards. These workstations are connected via 8gb fiber channel to a 90tb Rorke SAN via ATTO FC81EN cards (running July 28, 2010 fw). These boxes are running CS6 6.0.1, Windows 7 64 bit, and have the latest Decklink drivers. All workstations are showing similar issues.


      The timeline has a mix of formats on it, including AVI, MOV and JVC ProHD long gop MP4.  When shooting and editing using QT .MOV-wrapped files from the camera, the playback is much better...it's the MP4s that are problematic.  We see in-app playback choppiness and tearing. Exports are pretty stable, but the quality of the in-app editing playback is unacceptable to the client. The previous workstations were running CS 5.5 and did not have these issues -- only when upgrading to CS 6 and new hardware did these issues appear.


      Here's an example of what we're seeing: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/23793985/2012-10-18_13-21-37_278.mp4


      Any ideas?