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    Drag after animate:  drag helper offset from cursor

    Fred Lunau

      I am experiencing issues with using jQuery UI draggable() from within Edge Animate.  On start of drag, the helper (or original) element being dragged gets offset from the drag cursor, but only after the element has been animated (left/top) into place and ready to be dragged.  It seems to be offset by the same amount (in y direction in my case) as the original left/top translation using Edge.  This offset upon start of drag does not happen if the symbol doesn't change top/left - e.g. when animating opacity. 


      Any idea what may be causing this?


      Edge Animate: (edge.1.0.0.min.js)

      jQuery:  jquery-1.7.1.min.js

      jQuery UI Draggable:  1.9.0

      Browsers: all





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          Hopefully, this was long ago answered.  But, here is the non-technical. short answer for anyone else who encounters this issue.  Select each symbol that will be animated (has keyframes anywhere in the timeline) and change its x,y position from px to % (setting it relative to its parent, or stage) -- in the propertes panel, positon and size submenu.


          I say this is the nontechnical answer because I have not completely sorted out the model, but it appears that the jquery draggable helper is taking its position relative to the page, rather than the parent.  Before discovering this simple solution, I was initially pursuing a line of thought that would set the cursorAt argument of the .draggable(); to variables that take their values from the position of the object so that it would compensate - apparently unecessary.


          Anyone care to offer a lucid explanation exactly what is going on here with the positioning of the child and parent between jquery's draggable and edge's stage?

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            Thank you so much demoson12349876!!!

            I had the same problem and your solution worked just perfectly