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    robohelp macros

      Is there an easy way to create macros and assign them to a shortcut key for editing use in Robohelp?
      I tried out Macroexpress, but the program claims that macros shouldn't be played back faster than record speed, so what's the point? Can I create the macro, say in Word (by recording it) and then copy the code to a text editor - and then assign it to a shortcut key - how exactly would I do that?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          I've just answered this on Techshoret. For the benefit of anyone else interested...

          I wonder if the bit about playing back no faster than record speed was meant in a particular context? I have been using the program for years and it is not correct. If it were, they would not put in the ability to play faster than record speed.

          You do need to experiment with playback speed. Example. Macro to open a dialog box and select the tenth option in a dropdown. The mouse clicks that go to the menu that open the dialog can be played faster. You then need to put in, or leave in, a pause depending on how you create the macro a delay while the dialog box opens, then you can go back to speed as the macro runs down the options and then records the enter key.

          Remember that MacroExpress does not get into RH's code. It just does what you do with the keys and the mouse. Nearly all options can be speeded up but just as you have to wait for RH or any other program to allow you to go to the next step, so does Macro Express. Set it to record mouse clicks, not mouse movements, that helps and it makes the macro easier to read so that you can speed up / slow down different parts. You'll soon get into it. I'm no programmer.

          It's a brilliant program and great too for standard text, a bit like Word's autotext. Download the trial and try it.

          I've said before, if I changed jobs and they wouldn't buy it, I would buy it myself.