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    Premiere CS5 Using All RAM

    Kyle D. Fisher

      Before I start I am going to try and supply you guys with all the information you need. I will start with my computer specs. I am using a mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15.5 inch with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor. I have a 320gb harddrive with about 150gb free currently. I just upgraded from 4gb of ram to 8 (which is the max I can install). I shot the footage with a canon T3i at 24fps 1080p. I used the 24fps DSLR preset for my sequence settings.

      Now, the problem is that when I use premiere pro cs5 and start getting clips on the timeline and cutting them, my memory drops big time. I have a memory tracker and there will be times that it drops all the way to 10mb out of 8. I have nothing else open except for the memory tracker and this mint application. I posted about this before and was working on a huge project with over 200 items in my project. Someone had mentioned that it was because my processor could not handle all of those clips at once. This time though, I have 8 clips that are no longer than 30 seconds each. I am doing no sort of effects. Just simple cutting. I am just wondering if theres a setting that I could change or some kind of upgrade for my computer that I could purchase to stop this because it is really a pain.

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          Premiere can eat lots and lots of memory, and it's designed to make use of it. You got 8gbs which is a better start for HD, 4gb is very minimal. Most people spec custom builds at 16bg to 32gb for dedicated editing PCs.


          You can set aside memory for system and applications outside of the core Adobe Suite in your premiere preferences, thus limiting the amount of memory Premiere can use. Also this may limit your performance in some scenarios, like editing Mpeg4 based codecs (H.264, AVCHD) and encoding times.