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    AE 5.5 .3DS Model (3D) - How To Place Correctly Sized Graphics On Model (Photoshop Live Object)?


      I asked a similar question over in Photoshop, but I wanted to ask here as well since the end game is in AE and perhaps there may be a few more folks using the Photoshop > AE 3D workflow to produce animations of 3D models.


      I've searched the forum (and everywhere else it seems), but I can't find an answer to my issue.


      I've created a 3D product model in an application that does not have any text capabilities (Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2013). I'm trying to get that model into AfterEffects (AE) via the Photoshop live object technique.


      But before I open it in AfterEffects, in Photoshop CS 5.5 Extended, I'm trying to add the product text graphics to the "Diffuse" layer of the model so, when animated in AE, all the text moves with the appropriate perspective, etc.


      For the life of me I can't figure out how to format the text to fit the model.


      If it helps, Fusion saves files natively to .DWG format, but they appear non-standard and without some key data.


      I was able save the file as a "STEP" file .stp, then translate to .3DS format. That file results in a model that opens just fine in Photoshop and when saved in .psd format, and opened in AE as a Photoshop Live object, works fine. I can't image getting the text on the surface in AE would be easier/better than Photoshop. AfterEffects gurus, am I incorrect? Should I put the text on the model in AE? If so, how?


      In Photoshop, each time I double click on Layer 1's Diffuse (texture) sub-layer (is that the correct term?), I can put some text in the new window, but the scale is always way wrong, the orientaion is 90 degrees off (counter clockwise), and the text is clearly trying to wrap and repeat all around the model. I'm just trying to get a set of text (several pieces in different locations - company name, product name, some small additional text) on one side of the surface bound as if it were part of the model.


      I hope this is making sense. And very much hoping someone can help me. Thank you for reading.


      As an aside, I did try to add the 3D model, converted to a .DAE file, to the Photoshop Extended presets > meshes as suggested in the help files, so I could treat it like one of the 3D object presets, and add the text that way.


      No matter what I do I can't get the mesh to appear in the pre-set list. I don't see any way to "activate" the mesh other than place the file in .DAE format in that folder. Yes, I've exited and re-started Photoshop many times.


      Again, thanks for any help.