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    another problem with audio dropouts in PrE 10


      G'day All,


      Earlier this year I had a problem with Premiere Elements where audio files from AVC HD clips dragged in from my camcorder were dropping out.



      Bill Hunt was able to help me out at the time by confirming that the files weren't conforming - boom boom! That is, all the clips I wanted had been dropped in, but the conforming of the videos had not completed, because I never noticed the little blue progress bar lower-right.


      As advised, I tracked down the dodgy PEK and CFA files that had been created incomplete, deleted them, dropped the clips back in to the project, went and made a cup of tea until the blue progress bar stopped running, and the problem was solved.


      Now it's back. Not only that, but I cannot find any PEK or CFA files relevant to the project where the problem is occuring. A search yields no results for such files on my hard-drive for today!


      (I also note that all such files now seem to have shifted to being stored elsewhere on the harddrive, and not in the originally nominated 'scratchpad' where they were stored during the first round of difficulty.)


      I deleted all files and folders I could find that were created today associated with the project the problem occured in, and the project istelf, rebooted, created a new project, and dragged the original videos into it. No conforming occurred! Sound dropouts are identical. Somewhere on my system it would appear that some faulty conforming record relating to these files has been created, but I have no idea where it is, or why it no longer appears to be stored as a CFA of PEK file.


      Any ideas? It's doing my head in!