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    Server Side Code


      I was wondering if its possible to include server side code, like PHP into edge? Something basic line and include.


      I know its possible to directly include it into the html file (once renamed), but have found it quite simply and more controoled by including things within edge like forms youtube clips and so on.


      A lot of what we do is facebook apps and thats where we would want to be taking advantage of EDGE to give these apps that little bit extra and always require things like share buttons and a few other things that require PHP, suppose with time I could work it all out with JQuery or JS, but my current deadline does not afford me that luxuary.


      Like to keep my projects as clean as possible and if push comes to shove may just resort to iframes, but thats just yucky. So am hoping that some work around or JQ code that my google searches have missed exists that can help with this.