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    Accessing the host component in a PDF navigator


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to access the host (i.e reader or acrobat) in a PDF navigator (Portfolio) created in flash builder.


      I have seen numerous examples that override the host set method by doing the following:


      public function set host(host:INavigatorHost):void


                                                   if(host != null) {

                                                             _host = host;


                                                   } else {

                                                             _host = null;

                                                             //Alert.show("Navigator Ending");




      Then the _host:INavigatorHost is used to access the host application.


      When I try to do this using Flex 4.1 it tells me that this method is not marked for override.


      If i just try to access 'host' it tells me that it is 'write-only'.


      Any help at all, or another method would be greatly appreciated.