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    How to reset an iBooks Author Html Widget?

    AmintaAdobe Level 1

      Hi folks!


      I'm using with great pleasure Adobe Edge Animate 1.0 to make Html Widgets for Apple iBooks Author!


      In a composition, I've defined this variable:



      var  track1 = new Audio();

              track1.src = "media/track1.m4a";

              track1.volume = 0.5;



      and made it play:





      All it works but...what if I want that - when I go out from the widget on iBooks on iPad - the track pauses?



      I've coded this in my index.html file inside the widget:



          widget.pauseAudioVisual = function() {

      // do this when closing Widget


      widget.didEnterWidgetMode = function() {
      // do this when entering widget




      ... but when I go out form widget the track still plays on....



      Any hint?


      Many thanks in advance!