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    Multi state objects question.

    KevinHensels Level 1

      Hi there,


      I've got a question concerning MSO's. I'm a big fan of these and would like to ask some questions:



      I'm currently working on an assignment and the goal is to create 4 buttons that link to: a still image, another still image, a video, and a slideshow.

      When one pops up, the other has to close or fade away. All the images and videos are the same size and appear in exactly the same place.


      I already figured this out: make a MSO, make 4 button and link every button to the state you want it to activate.


      Well, I tried making a MSO of the grouped elements. That went fine for the still image + video + still image.

      But it didn't work anymore when I tried to add the slideshow to the MSO.


      Is it even possible to add a slideshow (which basically is a MSO) to another MSO?


      And if it works, how can I do this.



      is it possible to add a hotspot to a slide show? So it pops up and the pictures get bigger for example?


      Thanks in advance I already appreciate your help and thinking.


      Take care and have a great day,