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    Flex or Dreamweaver

      This coming from an old Microsoft developer. How do I choose when I use Flex versus Dreamweaver. This feels like Flex = Visual Studio and Dreamweaver = MS Expressions Web. Is this line of thinking correct?


      Ed Ferron
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          m_hartnett Level 3
          Think of Flex as a client server application that runs in a browser. All the rich functionality of a client server app with the power of the web behind it. Of course you can do this with HTML and AJAX but it can get very messy.

          I used Dreamweaver when I was coding JSP to build the UI. I do not know MS Expressions and have limited experience with Visual Studio except for VB and C but I believe that your comparisons are correct.

          From my point of view, Flex is one of the best products I have used in years. Its databinding ability is incredible. Using Flex allows you to collapse your technology stack from HTML/JSP/XSLT/ ... and so on - to Flex with some server technology like PHP or Java. It takes a bit to get familiar with but if you have done any Object development it is really not too bad.

          How to choose what to use would depend on your project.
          If you are building static pages that do not require a lot of dynamic content then building it in HTML using Dreamweaver could be the way to go.

          If you are building a complex application and want very rich content that allow your users to interact with your application at a very high level or you just want to provide a lot of animated actions like image rotators or advanced pulldown menus then I would use Flex. Of course all that stuff is available using other technologies but the advantage with Flex is the ability to collapse the technology stack.

          I find my self choosing flex more often than not now. This is generally because I now have a fairly large set of generic objects that allow for enhanced user interaction that I can start off a project with. I also like the idea of having to support and maintain fewer technologies. Makes my life much easier.

          All of the applications I have developed have been for intranet use so I don't know how search engines such as Google index your pages. I am not sure if SEO takes into consideration MXML which is what Flex is written in.