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    Correct preset for video captured from VHS tape


      I have bought a cable which connects to my PC USB slot and has red, white and yellow component connections to connect to my (old) VCR or Video-8 format camera.  It comes with software called ArcSoft ShowBiz that allows me to capture the footage.  I have used it for both VHS tapes and Video-8 tapes.  The only options I have when capturing are the filename and a choice of MPEG1 and MPEG2, with MPEG1 being the default.


      I have successfully captured footage (in MPEG1 format) and now I want to edit it in PE10.  The trouble is I do not know what preset to use.  The VHS tapes were in PAL format.  If I open a project as DV PAL and add the footage to the timeline it has a red line above it, which I assume means I will lose resolution when I render.  The quality is already not great and I don't want to make it worse. 


      Any advice would be appreciated.