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    FABridge.flash undefined due to caching in IE?

      Has anybody encountered problems with FABridge caching in IE?
      My FABridge implementation works perfectly in Firefox, and even works great in IE on the first page visit. However, on subsequent page visits (during the same session) my FABridge.flash object does not exist, it is undefined and causes an error. IE recognizes the FABridge function/object each time, but not its 'flash' (default) instance. A simple F5 refresh seems to take care of the problem.

      I've got debug messages showing that as far as the SWF is concerned, the FABridge.flash bridge is present and available. But for some reason the javascript in IE cannot recognize it on page revisit. Again, I have no problem with the javascript code in Firefox.

      Can anybody give me insight into what IE might be doing differently? The obvious answer seems to indicate IE-specific caching of some sort that's preventing the javascript from loading the FABridge.flash instance. I've additionally tried using the 'releaseASObjects()' and 'releaseNamedASObject()' methods, but haven't had any luck. Any help is appreciated.

      // Once SWF is loaded...
      function fnInitBridgeListener() {
      try {
      FABridge.addInitializationCallback("flash", fnInitCallback);
      } catch(e) {
      alert("Flex/AJAX Bridge error: " + e.name + " " + e.message + " " + e.description);

      function fnInitCallback() {
      try {
      var flexApp = FABridge.flash.root();
      flexApp.getBtnGeneric().addEventListener("click", fnSwfMsg ); // Assign a JS function to SWF button.
      } catch (e) {
      alert("flash Bridge error: " + e.name + " " + e.message + " " + e.description);