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    Problem displaying a chart in an "AdvancedDataGridColumn"


      Hello everybody!



      An "AdvancedDataGrid" has two columns ("AdvancedDataGridColumn"). The one is marked as a "tree column", the other has an "AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider" linked to it. So conceptually this is a tree of nodes containing line chart data. The left column displays a node's icon and text and the right column displays a "LineChart".


      Please note that I have erased the titles of the columns and the nodes. For the current discussion I'll have a node that contain two leafs. All in all three nodes and three charts.


      The tree is expanded, everything looks fine here.



      The renderer provider in question is a "VBox" containing a "LineChart", for which I set up "verticalAxis" (which I do not want to display) and "horizontalAxis". It all works but I've got some side effects which I cannot get rid of.


      The side effects:

      Side efftect 1. When the grid is displayed for the very first time the tree is folded (which is all right) and the diagram on the first row is not displayed (not all right). Only the node's icon and text are displayed.



      Side effect 2. When click on the node to expand the tree everything is displayed correctly besides the first row again. I have marked the incorrectly displayed chart with a red circle. The chart does show a short line but this is completely wrong. You've seen the correct chart in the "Description" part of this post.




      I then click on the first node again to fold the tree. The folded tree is displayed correctly this time- the chart for the first row shows! Compare with "Side efftect 1" above.




      Finally I click on the node again to expand the tree for the second time. Now everything is displayed correctly. After that I can continue folding and expanding the tree as long as I want- everything works just fine.



      ALSO, if I resize the web browser's window when a chart is not displayed correctly (side effect 1 or side effect 2) the problem just disappears an everything just looks fine in an instance! So it seems that some sort of "invalidate" message fixes the side effects.


      Does anybody have ideas what I can do to solve this issue?


      Many thanks in advace,